Why join rotary?

Friendship / Fellowship / Community: In an increasingly complex world, Rotary provides one of the most basic human needs: the need for friendship and fellowship. It is one of two reasons whyRotarybegan in 1905.

2. Business Development: The second original reason for Rotary’s beginning is business

development. Everyone needs to network. Rotary consists of a cross¬section of every

business community. Its members come from all walks of life. Rotarians help each

other and collectively help others.

3. Personal Growth and Development: Membership in Rotary ensures continuing growth

and education in human relations and personal development.

4. Leadership Development: Rotary is an organization of leaders and successful people.

Serving in Rotary positions is like a college education. Leadership is all about learning

how to motivate, influence and lead leaders.

5. Citizenship in the Community:Membership in a Rotary club helps develop better

community citizens. The average Rotary club consists of the most active citizens of

any community.

6. Continuing Education: Each week at Rotary, there is a program designed to keep

members informed about what is going on in the community, nation and world. Each

meeting provides an opportunity to listen to different speakers on a variety of timely


7. Fun: Rotary is a fun and exciting place to be.

8. Prestige: Rotary members are prominent people: leaders of business, the professions,

art, government, sports, military, religion, and all disciplines. Rotary is the oldest and

most prestigious service club in the world. Its ranks include executives, managers, and

professionals – people who make decisions and influence policy.

9. Citizenship in the World: Every Rotarian wears a pin that says “Rotary International.”

There are few places on the globe that do not have a Rotary club. Every Rotarian is

welcome – even encouraged – to attend any of the 30,000 clubs in 194 nations and

geographical regions. This encourages new friendships in both local and world


10. Assistance When Traveling:Traveling Rotarians can secure medical and professional

assistance as well as services and advice from fellow Rotarians throughout the world.

11. Public Speaking Skills: Many individuals who joined Rotary were uncomfortable

about speaking in public. Rotary develops confidence and skill in public

communication and the opportunity to practice and perfect these skills.

12. Entertainment: Every Rotary club and district has parties and activities that contribute

to a diverse, yet professional business life. Rotary holds conferences, conventions,

assemblies, and institutes that provide entertainment in addition to Rotary information,

education, and service.

13. Development of Social Skills:Every week and at various events and functions, Rotary

develops one’s personality, social skills and people skills. Rotary is for people who

like people.

14. Family Programs: Rotary provides one of the world’s largest youth exchange

programs; high school and college clubs for future Rotarians; opportunities for spouse

involvement; and a host of activities designed to help family members in growth and

the development of family values.

15. Vocational Skills: Every Rotarian is expected to take part in the growth and

development of his or her own profession or vocation; to serve on committees and to

teach youth about jobs or vocations. Rotary helps to make each individual a better

doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.

16. The Development of Ethics:Rotarians practice a 4¬Way Test that governs their

ethical standards. Rotarians are expected to be ethical in business and personal


17. Cultural Awareness: Around the world, practically every religion, country, culture,

race, creed, political persuasion, language, color and ethnic identity is represented

among members of Rotary. Rotary is a cross section of the world’s most prominent

citizens who are aware of their cultures and have developed a love of working with

people everywhere. They become better citizens of their countries in the process.

18. Nice People: Rotarians are the nicest people on the face of the earth.

19. Absence of an Official Creed:Rotary has no secret handshake, no official creed, no

secret meetings or rituals. It is an open society of men and women who simply believe

in helping others.

20. Opportunity to Serve: As a service club, Rotary’s business is mankind and its product

is service. This is perhaps the best reason for becoming a Rotarian: the chance to do good.


Around India on My Cycle

The title is so tempting, but its not for me not now not yet.

On 26th August 2017, Ankit Arora started his journey from Jaipur to cycle across India. He was inspired and motivated. He continued his journey to Kashmir, Leh, Khardungla, Delhi, Surat, Nasik and Mumbai. We the Palava Cycling Club welcomed him at Chokhi Dhani near Kalyan and he was already on his 91st Day.

ALready completed a 7000 KM ride across 7 States and 4 Union Territories, covering more than 100 Indian cities. A warm welcome from Palava Cycling Club and Smart Commute Foundation motivated him as well as countless others.




Ankit’s interview on his ride till today.


Palava Cycling Club organised a felicitation program for Ankit.


He has already planned for completing 21000 KM across India and wanted to beat the Guiness Book of World Record. The existing record is of 15000 Kms.

He motivation and his cause for cycling is “Freedom through Education” supported by Round Table India

You can fund his cause at http://www.roundtableindia.org.

We wish him all the best for his endeavour.


My first 💯 Kms ride.

I have done it so many times on a bike and on car.

17th September was not just another day when I tamed it on the cycle. It was seriously not a leisure trip at all and I learnt so many things about myself, my mind and my body and where it is all going wrong or could go wrong.

Stamina is one thing endurance is another. Smoking and drinking does have serious impact on stamina as well as endurance or any endurance sport. While at the same time drinking coffee and having a 🍌before the ride can give an added advantage. Luckily, It was well noted and I was able to use theses tips on my first 💯 km’s ride.

While it was dark in the beginning, moving around was easy with less traffic and with all the street lights(Thanks to BMC). I was able to navigate through the potholes and gravel around which helped me in moving forward.

I was a little tired from my ride on 16th Sept(a day before) to Barvi dam which was another 70KMs ride and since I started late in for this in morning so, while returning back the morning heat did took a toll on me. I was able to cover 70KMs in around 5 hours. Ride to Barvi dam on 16th September 2017.

This was a trial ride took lot of breaks but yeah in the end nailed it.

Today on September 17th I had registered for “Montra sportive challenge 2017” and had to make sure I do go for this event.

I already planned to take my bike in the car and there was no second option if I need to reach venue on time which was at, The 🏨 Bawa International near Mumbai Domestic airport, at 4:45AM. The preparation started a night before which includes me packing my things and sleeping well early the night.


  • Got the cycle serviced and looked into minor issues.
  • Checked proper tyre pressure.
  • 🚲 dismantled kept in the car.
  • Cash for emergency. (Kept card as well)
  • Cold Water bottle filled with electral solution another bottle of plain water.
  • 🍌 for early morning breakfast before ride.
  • Emergency contact tag attached to bike.
  • Charged smart watches for activity recording for future reference and review.
  • Charged front lights and rear ones.
  • Arranged and kept washed cycling clothes and helmets for quickly pick and get ready.
  • A bag with reflector jersey and pollution mask.
  • Charged mobile phone.
  • Most important set the alarm clock.
  • Sleep

This plan did worked well it really saved me a lot of time and early morning frustrations for finding and arranging things. I woke up at 3:00 AM, took shower collected, changed and picked my arranged stuff and now time to leave for the venue. At 3:44 AM I left my home for venue. It was early morning and as expected there was less to no traffic and I managed to reach the venue on time except a small trouble finding the venue, which was solved easily by asking locals, at times asking your way is much easier than checking Google maps.

At the venue, Collected my BIB from the counter at the venue. The time has finally come for the race to begin. I was pretty excited and by stomach is churning with excitment for participating in a event all on my own. I stood with the front of the line. The race is opened by representatives from choosemybicycle.com and Keyur Kapadia from Tusya travel breifed us about the route and the end point. I didn’t realised till the end of the race and only came to know 2 days after the race when I started checking on a strava and once the sponsors have a uploaded the winners photos that I was standing along with the “Team BikeShark”, I learnt they are pro riders and effortlessly finished the century race between 2 hours and 40 Mins.

We had been provided with our BIBs and wrist band, bibs and wrist bands have the participation no and emergency contact info in case we need any emergency assistance or any mishap happen. The organisers have their ERT vehicles stationed near major points to reach quickly. The roads were without much traffic, looked clean and silent in morning hours, we had our cycles equipped with proper accesories like front and rear blinkers, reflectors and most important of all our helmets. We had been advised to take all the flyovers and reach the destination. The journey was till vasai creek from 🏨 Bawa International and then back.

The race started at 5:39AM I being the slowest rider at the beginning of the line felt sudden rush as everyone started overtaking me, I already got advised from cycle groups and from pro cyclists that WEH is pothole prone area and I was in no mood to break my cycle or my leg either. Being this my first ride I started slow and moved along the crowd which quite soon vanished as everyone moved ahead and left me and my cycle alone pedalling on Mumbai Highways. It was a no brainer that I am not participating in this race for winning it or being top, My idea was quite clear and simple to complete the ride without breaking or injuring myself in a respectable time. The respectable time advised for the ride was 4:30 mins which I am able to complete in say 10 mins more than the said closing time.

Vile parle to vasai creek route map

The organisers have arranged pit stops at every 25KMs which helped the riders with chocolates, water, electral solution. It would be very difficult for anyone to travel such a long distance without appropriate replenishment. At times I had felt severe hunger pangs and I had to literally push couple of five 🌟s just to keep myself going on. Stopping was not an option and I only planned to move forward and not to leave the saddle at all. Fortunately, I was able to manage this and at most of the times I am munching on the wheels only and while drinking I used to slow down and take couple of sips from the bottle not stopping pedalling anywhere. My bottle itself has been filled 4/5 times apart from me drinking continuously at pit stops.

This was my first time for a century ride and at times I really felt to abandon the ride. But something in me kept me moving and not letting me stop. People say it’s mind over body, I say it’s the thirst to win. I felt more encouraged when I left the cyclist behind me who actually overtook me sometime back and the process continued, it looked like another small race among the amateurs 😋. This small game of ours kept me enthused and moving, I hope the others riding with me too are equally encouraged .

The winning group are far ahead and I am nowhere near them nor was planning to challenge them 😋. One thing which I realised it’s only practice and practice which you do daily physically so you can program yourself mentally that you can do it and take such challenges. Believe me my mind can only push me to do the task but it really take my mind properly synced with physical strength to win the game. The adrenaline rush the endorphins and other chemicals are make me so glad and happy when coming down the elevation it may look as I am enjoying so much that I may overlook a small pothole in front of me and could result in a disastrous fall but as I learnt all this time cycling and falling, and with practice we realise not to fall for this trap of chemical release and over happiness and we should practice hard to control these emotions so to not to hurt ourselves and others.

From the beginning every first 10KM was begging me to return back. But to every 10th KM I was saying OK, we will on the next 10th and when I reached 50th KM there was no option but to return back and at this time my mind and body both are in sync, they really dont have a choice now then to return back 😋. The returning back was a little tougher as the shining ⛅ was up and no clouds, the heat was becoming harder riding because of such conditions luckily in the last 25 KMs after crossing the Dahisar toll Naka it started drizzling and while reaching Goregaon I was totally soaked and thanks rains you did the magic, now no longer sweaty and itchy. The dehydration from sun heat is long gone. Finally after 4:40mins returned back to the 🏨 all energised, I was expecting a warm welcome but nevertheless happy to see someone attending us, he guided me to the breakfast area.

And the breakfast was awesome with Cereals, Poha, Idli, 🍞 butter/Jam, eggs, omelettes, juicies and tea/coffee, I would have gone even for bananas but I am so happy and hungry to see so many options .

Once done with the breakfast went to collect my T-shirt and medals. Now nothing can beat this. It was such a proud moment and a proud feeling.

Finally some tips time. Got these from another cyclist, who shared with us on the on whatsapp group and I believe this is what BRM clubs also advises, but are really nice and helpful tips.

My 2 Cents preparing for a Long distance cycle ride for the last few days

1. Do Long rides on weekends
2. Do some leg and shoulder exercises as there would quite a bit of road jerks hitting your shoulders.
3. Do some slow runs , rope skipping and brisk walks.
4. In the last 10 days do not change/adjust anything on the bike. Change the tire if you have to 15 days before a long ride, adjust seat height if you have to now, keep the same saddle what you already have.
5. Start riding with the same cycling shorts and Top/ jersey you would want to wear that day. Would suggest wear something light colour.
6. Get your cycle serviced now and don’t get it touched by a mechanic in the last few days.
7. A few things you would want to carry for a long ride should include a good pair of Gloves/ sunglasses,2 bottle cages, a reflective vest, a head light and a tail light, spare tubes and P repair kit, a pump, a whistle, cell phone, energy bars, a Pudia of Black salt/Kala namak,some dry fruits,chikki.
8. Stop to cycle/exercise 2 days before the Big ride
9. Don’t get into arguments at home/work prior to the ride as you need to be focused on the road.
10. Don’t use headphones while riding that day and also put your phones on silent mode.
11. Be friendly to the locals while riding through congested cities and villages.Inavitably you will be fired upon by many questions by passing two wheelers , tell them you are unable to talk for long as you are out of breath.
12. IGNORE wired and stupid comments if showered upon, normally the villagers are harmless but inquisitive. If asked about the price of your bike, say it under 12K no matter how much you paid for it.
13. Always keep at least one of your water bottles full. Drink Before you are Thirsty and eat before you are Hungry.
14. If your ride is not a race then ride steady not fast, Stratetiize your ride, divide it into small distances which you ride normally each morning and time it and take a break of a minute at each section killed.Dont Burn yourself before you reach half way point
15. Normally ride constantly for an hour or 22~25 Kms and take a water break of 2 mins, thats what we do when we are riding.
16. Make small groups of 3~4 riders whom you ride with normally and turn by turn lead your own groups
17. Don’t ride fast and burn out soon use the cooler sections of the day to the maximum and take fewer breaks then.
18. If happen to cramp, we all did and do ,don’t quit manage it Remember what LA said “Pain is Temporary and quitting is forever”. If you do cramp get off the bike do some stretching’s , have a Soda Pop with Black salt in it or have just plain water and add some salt in it.
19. Start hydrating yourself 2 days before the ride. Drink plenty of fluids be it water, juice or anything else. Increase your salt intake in the last few days as you are going to lose a lot of through sweat.
20. The day before eat lots of Carbs as in Pasta, noodles etc, sleep early listen to relaxing music if possible come back home early from work.
21. Remember you are already a champion attempting a long ride and not many people have the mindset like yours but if you feel exhausted and are in pain beyond your withholding limits , remember there is always a next time and DNF is anyways better than DNS. [DNF(do not finish), DNS(do not start)]
22. Remember age and body structure has nothing to do with completing a long ride, It’s all in the mind and believe in yourself that everybody who has taken up long distance riding on Indian Roads have a very strong Mindset.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to provide your feedback in comments below.


The human mind.

A beautiful Sunday morning, but the day started with a disappointment, had made plans for an early morning cycle ride from NCPA to Bandra, which I was not able to join in because of late sleeping and not able to catch the 🚆 to CST railway station.

The cyclothon was planned for the promoting of Indian Navy Marathon scheduled for in the month of November 2017.

The ride details are as follows

*Western Naval Command Bike 🚴Ride*
*10th Sept, 2017 Sunday*
*NCPA 05.45am*
*Ride from NCPA to Bandra Fort*

*Information:*Western Naval Command invites all cyclist to join for a ride from NCPA to Bandra Fort on Sunday, September 10, 2017. This ride is organised to promote Indian Navy Half Marathon. The ride will commence from NCPA at 05.45 am.
*Interested riders, please confirm.

Marine Drive > Hughes Road > Dr. Annie Besant Road > Cadel Road > L J Road > Turn Left towards Reclamation > Leelavati Hospital > Mehboob Studio Circle
> B. J. Road > Bandra Fort.

This all has to start at 5:45 AM in morning and my plans was to wake at 3:00, change clothes ride till Dombivali station take the 3:40 train from Dombivali to CST and ride from CST to NCPA which is I just 3kms from station and reach the venue on time. This all went bad as I slept late around 10:00 PM and woke up at 4:00 AM. Now from 4:00 it’s really challenging to reach on time. Communicated with other cyclist that I dropped off and asked for suggestion to join mid-way by the time I got their reply it was already late and I slept back.

Morning began at 8:25 AM.

After the second round of my sleep and after waking up around 8:30AM. I decided to attend this Rotary meeting with breakfast followed by a speaker session by Satyendra Singh, who is an eminent psychotherapist and hypnotherapist on 10th September 2017.

Details for the morning session

This Sunday on 10th September, we are having an interesting talk by Mr Satyendra Singh, an eminent Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. He is going to speak on “Miracles of your Sub-conscious mind”.

The meeting will take place in hotel Supreme Heritage, Vashi from 9.30am to 12.00 pm

Speaker Profile

Giving below the profile of our Guest Speaker for the Weekly meeting on Sunday, 10th September 2017 :

Mr. Satyendra Singh is a qualified Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Past life Regression Therapist, Life Coach, Business & Marketing Consultant, Corporate Trainer & a much sought after Trainer on Human Psychology, Mind Management & Performance Optimization. He is a well known Behavioural Therapist, Energy Healer, Aura Reader, Spiritual Guide & Guru and a Meta physician. He is the founder and Chairman of Eureka International, Mumbai.

In last 18 years, he has trained 1Lac & 33 thousand+ people on How to achieve Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success & Peace of Mind. His courses on Stress Management, Time Management, Decision Skills, Public Speaking, Face Reading, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, Past Life Regression, Mind, Body and Soul Healing, Mind Reading, Chakra Healing, Aura Reading, E.H.T., and Self Hypnosis are attended by Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, CAs, Bankers, Sports-men, Students, Teachers, Businessmen, Industrialists, Govt.Officials (including IAS / IPS Officers), Housewives & all Success minded People between 10 to 90 Yrs.

We 5 charter members of rotary club of palava(Proposed) reached the venue and met other Rotarians around. We planned for upcoming events and other things which we could do. Discussed about family picnic trip to JNPT. Met Dr. Hande who is a neurosurgeon at Fortis vashi and Apollo hospital.

The session was quite interesting and Mr Stayendra Singh has demonstrated us quite interesting thing as to how our mind work and how different is mind from brain as one is the physical part and other is the carrier of the thoughts in you. How negative thoughts can make you tired by generating certain chemicals and make you feel tired and how positive thought can similarly give you amazing confidence. Also how these thoughts take space in our subconscious mind and make us react to things.

He also explained us about the importance of goals and how the brain program itself to achieve that goal. If their is no goal their is no sense of achievement. Steven covey in his books also has referenced similar process to become successful. How these goals lives in our subconscious mind and make up keep moving for to achieve those goals.

The overall session went quite well after an hour and a half session we returned back feeling all positive. Learnt of lot of useful things and a some useful things which I had read before also got refreshed. It Felt really good to learn that I am following some of the things which I read but not entirely.

The idea to write again cropped up because of the same thought of setting goals and working towards it. How hard it would be, but I am sure it is not impossible and sooner or later can be achieved.

I have read so many good authors and all speak the same thing set your goals fix your target and make move to hit that.


This is not draft.

It’s amazing to see your dashboard and basically at the time when you are not writing anything. Just happen to check my dashboard and this is what I saw.

It really is interesting to see, that I have carried the writers dilemma for the 11 months. Damn, I should have waited one one day to get inspired

That should have completed a year. 🙂

All this time I was reading James Alutcher and other motivational readers to motivate me to start writing.

I know I write bad.

I don’t have control over grammar, I don’t bother proofreading neither I retread what I have written.

My WordPress editor doesn’t bother checking my spelling mistake.

I believe that is the fun of writing.

I don’t want to spoil this fun. 😉 

Writing something daily helps learn new things.

Should I post this.

I am not sure.

But who cares. Let me post it. Let me see who reads it.

I know no one will comment. 

I don’t understand why people don’t comment. How will I know to improve.

I used to post my comments on Reddit. I have got inspiration and help from there.

In fact one of the redditor helped me to proofread my writing. I should have taken cue and continued writing.

I am kind of confused about what should I write. Should it be technical, how I feel, my travelogue. I see a lot of travel blog drafts in my drafts folder. I know why it is still there. I never bothered for completing it.

I will give you a advice, if you are travel blogging do it as soon as you completed your travel, the memories fade too quickly for the travel as the new assignments start taking up space in your brains.

I think that’s the reason why my travelogues are still there(in the draft).


The writing dilemma

It has been quite some time, I am reading about stuff but when I want to sit down and write I feel that I don’t know anything and I am pretty surprised to find myself in such situation where at one time I get so motivated to write something and when I sit to write something I fumble myself with the lack ideas. It is not the most inspiring thing though.

I assume this may happen to a lot of people like me planning to write something. Is this what is called as the “Writers Block”, or is it just I feel this way and Is this because I do not have the potential of those people who can think and write about almost anything presented to them.

these are following things not in any particular order which I feel may not be very encouraging while I plan to put stuff down.
1. Lack of Ideas, there are topics to write about and there is this feeling of not having enough information to write.
2. Lack of structure, this always happens I find some topic to write but becuase of any good structure or pointers I keep on jumping from one sentence to another.
3. Diversions, which happens while actual writing about a topic I find myself jumping from one thought to another and which messes my content and ultimately the thought process.
4. Rejection, It could be one of the reason, I do not really worry for that since this is part of writing and ofcourse no one is bound to accept my way of seeing things. But rejection is also the truth that I am not able to put my emotions well.
5. Grammer and Language stlye, whoaaa this is something I wish could get fixed somehow all the time I lack the style and grammer to communicate effectively.
6. Space, this is much needed because with this I dont find myself to think properly.
7. Proof reading, or rather I would say rereading the stuff I am writing about. Reading back again clarifies where I stopped and is much easier to find my mistakes and correct it before someone else does the same.
8. Platform, wordpress, blogger or medium it doesn’t make difference the point which can and will make difference is what you are writing and how well I can express my emotions or lack of it.

I have a todo list and it has so many things to complete, writing is also part of this and I am not very much ready to think how to go ahead with this. I had been told by a friend that It could be only me who has to accept this block and conquer it if I ever want to write about things. Looking at the above list I feel scared. For a period I had been procrastinating, this is the primary reason for my huge to-do list. It added up never to be completed. After talking with my well wishers I realize that I am delaying on a lot of things. I may not be perfect and what I am waiting for is as good a impossible. “Perfection will never come, If i never start doing” and really who needs to be prefect. I must start doing what is required and move ahead. Finishing my content. This may be my one and only chance to try fail and try. No one lives forever so why not write yourself and move along with it.

The Journey has once again begun. Wish me all the best.


Installing my laptop with Arch Linux.

After reading a lot on the Google+ “How cool is Arch Linux”, today beginning the start installing Arch and part with my installed OS (Ubuntu) from my Thinkpad after almost 7 years living with ubuntu.

From a long time I am fond of trying Linux variants and been installing a lot of Linux variants(Flavors of Linux) on my system, but always ended up going back the Ubuntu or debian, because of its ease of use. but finally, decided to move on and downloaded the Arch ISO it took me an overnight because of my slow net speed and set up the same on VirtualBox earlier before moving and overwriting my system default. Well the virtualbox was not disappointing and once that works, time to say “Syonara Ubuntu!!”

I would rather refrain myself from going back to Archwiki and read everything again for what I did during the installation and what things I need to take care of. Though my recommendation is to keep the document opened on a separate device, a mobile browser can also be helpful.

– Download the ISO. (https://www.archlinux.org/download/)
– Create a partition table using fdisk, being on virtual box i only created one partition for the / filesystem (83) and the other for swap ( 82 ).
– Keep a list of tools which you use daily for your work.
– Git
– Emacs
– Firefox browser
– aws cli
– Python 2.7 and 3.3
– pip
– Ruby

I am also planning to set up puppet to have me my laptop setup in an instant. I am working of writing modules for it.

Well I must say installation is pretty neat, and after so long I liked installing the system.

The help pages are extremely well written concise and to the point. They are simple to understand and adapt. I need to install multiple tools which I regularly use and Arch did not disappointed me in providing the documentation for it. The help too is easily available on the web and a google search almost find anything and any kind of error which you encounter during the setup process.