Help in Emacs

I have never seen such an text editor, with so much documentation for almost everything available to it. Working on it, puts me many times, looking unknowingly and with amazement to the keyword, thanks there is this online help available for Emacs,  which can be easily called from withing Emacs.

Quickly find help in Emacs with its online documentation.

  • The Landing page, if you are very new: C – h t (opens the Emacs Tutorial)
  • Help on any function: F1 f function name
  • Help on summary of help commands: F1 F1
  • Help for topics: C – h a
  • Help on the topic in the Emacs index, shows the first result: C – h i d m emacs <RET> i topic <RET>
  • Similar, but searched the text, instead of just indexes: C – h i d m emacs <RET> s topic <RET>
  • Emacs FAQ: C – h C -f
  • Available Emacs packages: C – h p

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