Installing my laptop with Arch Linux.

After reading a lot on the Google+ “How cool is Arch Linux”, today beginning the start installing Arch and part with my installed OS (Ubuntu) from my Thinkpad after almost 7 years living with ubuntu.

From a long time I am fond of trying Linux variants and been installing a lot of Linux variants(Flavors of Linux) on my system, but always ended up going back the Ubuntu or debian, because of its ease of use. but finally, decided to move on and downloaded the Arch ISO it took me an overnight because of my slow net speed and set up the same on VirtualBox earlier before moving and overwriting my system default. Well the virtualbox was not disappointing and once that works, time to say “Syonara Ubuntu!!”

I would rather refrain myself from going back to Archwiki and read everything again for what I did during the installation and what things I need to take care of. Though my recommendation is to keep the document opened on a separate device, a mobile browser can also be helpful.

– Download the ISO. (
– Create a partition table using fdisk, being on virtual box i only created one partition for the / filesystem (83) and the other for swap ( 82 ).
– Keep a list of tools which you use daily for your work.
– Git
– Emacs
– Firefox browser
– aws cli
– Python 2.7 and 3.3
– pip
– Ruby

I am also planning to set up puppet to have me my laptop setup in an instant. I am working of writing modules for it.

Well I must say installation is pretty neat, and after so long I liked installing the system.

The help pages are extremely well written concise and to the point. They are simple to understand and adapt. I need to install multiple tools which I regularly use and Arch did not disappointed me in providing the documentation for it. The help too is easily available on the web and a google search almost find anything and any kind of error which you encounter during the setup process.



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