The writing dilemma

It has been quite some time, I am reading about stuff but when I want to sit down and write I feel that I don’t know anything and I am pretty surprised to find myself in such situation where at one time I get so motivated to write something and when I sit to write something I fumble myself with the lack ideas. It is not the most inspiring thing though.

I assume this may happen to a lot of people like me planning to write something. Is this what is called as the “Writers Block”, or is it just I feel this way and Is this because I do not have the potential of those people who can think and write about almost anything presented to them.

these are following things not in any particular order which I feel may not be very encouraging while I plan to put stuff down.
1. Lack of Ideas, there are topics to write about and there is this feeling of not having enough information to write.
2. Lack of structure, this always happens I find some topic to write but becuase of any good structure or pointers I keep on jumping from one sentence to another.
3. Diversions, which happens while actual writing about a topic I find myself jumping from one thought to another and which messes my content and ultimately the thought process.
4. Rejection, It could be one of the reason, I do not really worry for that since this is part of writing and ofcourse no one is bound to accept my way of seeing things. But rejection is also the truth that I am not able to put my emotions well.
5. Grammer and Language stlye, whoaaa this is something I wish could get fixed somehow all the time I lack the style and grammer to communicate effectively.
6. Space, this is much needed because with this I dont find myself to think properly.
7. Proof reading, or rather I would say rereading the stuff I am writing about. Reading back again clarifies where I stopped and is much easier to find my mistakes and correct it before someone else does the same.
8. Platform, wordpress, blogger or medium it doesn’t make difference the point which can and will make difference is what you are writing and how well I can express my emotions or lack of it.

I have a todo list and it has so many things to complete, writing is also part of this and I am not very much ready to think how to go ahead with this. I had been told by a friend that It could be only me who has to accept this block and conquer it if I ever want to write about things. Looking at the above list I feel scared. For a period I had been procrastinating, this is the primary reason for my huge to-do list. It added up never to be completed. After talking with my well wishers I realize that I am delaying on a lot of things. I may not be perfect and what I am waiting for is as good a impossible. “Perfection will never come, If i never start doing” and really who needs to be prefect. I must start doing what is required and move ahead. Finishing my content. This may be my one and only chance to try fail and try. No one lives forever so why not write yourself and move along with it.

The Journey has once again begun. Wish me all the best.


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