Help in Emacs

I have never seen such an text editor, with so much documentation for almost everything available to it. Working on it, puts me many times, looking unknowingly and with amazement to the keyword, thanks there is this online help available for Emacs,  which can be easily called from withing Emacs.

Quickly find help in Emacs with its online documentation.

  • The Landing page, if you are very new: C – h t (opens the Emacs Tutorial)
  • Help on any function: F1 f function name
  • Help on summary of help commands: F1 F1
  • Help for topics: C – h a
  • Help on the topic in the Emacs index, shows the first result: C – h i d m emacs <RET> i topic <RET>
  • Similar, but searched the text, instead of just indexes: C – h i d m emacs <RET> s topic <RET>
  • Emacs FAQ: C – h C -f
  • Available Emacs packages: C – h p

so, there seems to be a mistake.

Ah, it looks like i made some error in understanding the org-mode properly. the “*” actually made my statements as headings and fixing it from wordpress page is another chaos. But i am going to leave it like that.

Learning never ends.

Hello, World from Org2Blog/wp-new-entry.

This is my test blog post from Aquamacs.

Well, i am just going to write a brief about how I made this post work.

First of all, let me point you to this wonderful link, which list down the way to make emacs and org-mode work with wodpress and make this post possible.

So, here what i did.

I had this melpa and elpa repostiory already configured. so quickly did M-x package-install return; org2blog return
some quick configuration changes in my .emacs file to incorporate the org2blog settings and wordpress cofiguration.
(setq org2blog/wp-blog-alist
       :url ""
       :username "admin")))
Now, we just need to login to our wordpress blog, M-x org2blog/wp-login return
and start writing post with M-x org2blog/wp-new-entry return
Happy blogging C-c p return.

Famous emacs users(who are not famous for using emacs)

Was using emacs from quite sometime as my primary editor for two reasons one as to learn more about emacs as an editor and two a wonderful platform to do many things. And during my learning curve came across this page created by “Wenshan” and this list is just amazing.

But of course using emacs will not end up making me a great programmer, so these relatively known people and me might only thing in common is we used emacs at some point of time(or may have kept using).