Around India on My Cycle

The title is so tempting, but its not for me not now not yet.

On 26th August 2017, Ankit Arora started his journey from Jaipur to cycle across India. He was inspired and motivated. He continued his journey to Kashmir, Leh, Khardungla, Delhi, Surat, Nasik and Mumbai. We the Palava Cycling Club welcomed him at Chokhi Dhani near Kalyan and he was already on his 91st Day.

ALready completed a 7000 KM ride across 7 States and 4 Union Territories, covering more than 100 Indian cities. A warm welcome from Palava Cycling Club and Smart Commute Foundation motivated him as well as countless others.

Ankit’s interview on his ride till today.


Palava Cycling Club organised a felicitation program for Ankit.


He has already planned for completing 21000 KM across India and wanted to beat the Guiness Book of World Record. The existing record is of 15000 Kms.

He motivation and his cause for cycling is “Freedom through Education” supported by Round Table India

You can fund his cause at

We wish him all the best for his endeavour.



This is not draft.

It’s amazing to see your dashboard and basically at the time when you are not writing anything. Just happen to check my dashboard and this is what I saw.

It really is interesting to see, that I have carried the writers dilemma for the 11 months. Damn, I should have waited one one day to get inspired

That should have completed a year. 🙂

All this time I was reading James Alutcher and other motivational readers to motivate me to start writing.

I know I write bad.

I don’t have control over grammar, I don’t bother proofreading neither I retread what I have written.

My WordPress editor doesn’t bother checking my spelling mistake.

I believe that is the fun of writing.

I don’t want to spoil this fun. 😉 

Writing something daily helps learn new things.

Should I post this.

I am not sure.

But who cares. Let me post it. Let me see who reads it.

I know no one will comment. 

I don’t understand why people don’t comment. How will I know to improve.

I used to post my comments on Reddit. I have got inspiration and help from there.

In fact one of the redditor helped me to proofread my writing. I should have taken cue and continued writing.

I am kind of confused about what should I write. Should it be technical, how I feel, my travelogue. I see a lot of travel blog drafts in my drafts folder. I know why it is still there. I never bothered for completing it.

I will give you a advice, if you are travel blogging do it as soon as you completed your travel, the memories fade too quickly for the travel as the new assignments start taking up space in your brains.

I think that’s the reason why my travelogues are still there(in the draft).

The writing dilemma

It has been quite some time, I am reading about stuff but when I want to sit down and write I feel that I don’t know anything and I am pretty surprised to find myself in such situation where at one time I get so motivated to write something and when I sit to write something I fumble myself with the lack ideas. It is not the most inspiring thing though.

I assume this may happen to a lot of people like me planning to write something. Is this what is called as the “Writers Block”, or is it just I feel this way and Is this because I do not have the potential of those people who can think and write about almost anything presented to them.

these are following things not in any particular order which I feel may not be very encouraging while I plan to put stuff down.
1. Lack of Ideas, there are topics to write about and there is this feeling of not having enough information to write.
2. Lack of structure, this always happens I find some topic to write but becuase of any good structure or pointers I keep on jumping from one sentence to another.
3. Diversions, which happens while actual writing about a topic I find myself jumping from one thought to another and which messes my content and ultimately the thought process.
4. Rejection, It could be one of the reason, I do not really worry for that since this is part of writing and ofcourse no one is bound to accept my way of seeing things. But rejection is also the truth that I am not able to put my emotions well.
5. Grammer and Language stlye, whoaaa this is something I wish could get fixed somehow all the time I lack the style and grammer to communicate effectively.
6. Space, this is much needed because with this I dont find myself to think properly.
7. Proof reading, or rather I would say rereading the stuff I am writing about. Reading back again clarifies where I stopped and is much easier to find my mistakes and correct it before someone else does the same.
8. Platform, wordpress, blogger or medium it doesn’t make difference the point which can and will make difference is what you are writing and how well I can express my emotions or lack of it.

I have a todo list and it has so many things to complete, writing is also part of this and I am not very much ready to think how to go ahead with this. I had been told by a friend that It could be only me who has to accept this block and conquer it if I ever want to write about things. Looking at the above list I feel scared. For a period I had been procrastinating, this is the primary reason for my huge to-do list. It added up never to be completed. After talking with my well wishers I realize that I am delaying on a lot of things. I may not be perfect and what I am waiting for is as good a impossible. “Perfection will never come, If i never start doing” and really who needs to be prefect. I must start doing what is required and move ahead. Finishing my content. This may be my one and only chance to try fail and try. No one lives forever so why not write yourself and move along with it.

The Journey has once again begun. Wish me all the best.

Installing my laptop with Arch Linux.

After reading a lot on the Google+ “How cool is Arch Linux”, today beginning the start installing Arch and part with my installed OS (Ubuntu) from my Thinkpad after almost 7 years living with ubuntu.

From a long time I am fond of trying Linux variants and been installing a lot of Linux variants(Flavors of Linux) on my system, but always ended up going back the Ubuntu or debian, because of its ease of use. but finally, decided to move on and downloaded the Arch ISO it took me an overnight because of my slow net speed and set up the same on VirtualBox earlier before moving and overwriting my system default. Well the virtualbox was not disappointing and once that works, time to say “Syonara Ubuntu!!”

I would rather refrain myself from going back to Archwiki and read everything again for what I did during the installation and what things I need to take care of. Though my recommendation is to keep the document opened on a separate device, a mobile browser can also be helpful.

– Download the ISO. (
– Create a partition table using fdisk, being on virtual box i only created one partition for the / filesystem (83) and the other for swap ( 82 ).
– Keep a list of tools which you use daily for your work.
– Git
– Emacs
– Firefox browser
– aws cli
– Python 2.7 and 3.3
– pip
– Ruby

I am also planning to set up puppet to have me my laptop setup in an instant. I am working of writing modules for it.

Well I must say installation is pretty neat, and after so long I liked installing the system.

The help pages are extremely well written concise and to the point. They are simple to understand and adapt. I need to install multiple tools which I regularly use and Arch did not disappointed me in providing the documentation for it. The help too is easily available on the web and a google search almost find anything and any kind of error which you encounter during the setup process.



I worked with it, read about it in so many forums and linux tech docs, never fully understood the potential it possess. Someone while working reminded me again by asking if I am aware about udev, a quick google gave me many pages which understand the concept, and after reading some of them , looks like i never fully understand its capabilities. So, previously there was this /dev directory, which possibly have names for all the devices which possibly might get connected to your system which is running Linux OS, udev essentially helped the developers to stop writing those names in /dev and allowed udev to create device symlinks from SysFS(/sys on most linux systems), which in turn identifies every device connected to the system.

I believe, because it gave flexibility to the HW vendors, and developers to attach any device to any port and have the system display the same name every time when a device is connected to the system, for ex you sony camera would always be named and detected as Sony camera, to whichever port on the system you connect to, unlike previously when pen drives or printers connected to different ports will give different name every-time they are inserted or boots up.

Well, I may not go into the details of configuring and customising , please visit Greg’s Redhat article on udev.

Setting up feed for my blog.

Being such an inconsistent writer, may be a good idea to allow feeding this page from certain sites which I prefer and think are good options, besides the posts that I do, may be work on setting this up today. In face had to do all hose settings organization and all for showing my pages properly as well. Looks like any page posted as quote do not let the title visible.